Lily of Hope (Blue Series) Outfit #2

For the second outfit in the Blue Series I decided to tell a story about a hobbit lass named Lily. Lily was just a simple hobbit until one day she decided to venture out of the shire and into the wild. On her way she met the small camp called Tinnudir. The rangers in this camp needed help against the forces of Angmar. “Well, what could I do?”, she thought. The rangers found her and thought she could be used as a spy. From then on she always helped the rangers. She was their only hope.







One day while Lily was out watching the lake with a ranger, she saw an enemy come up behind the ranger with a dagger. She quickly intercepted the dagger to save the ranger. Unfortunately, the dagger was poisonous and Lily was about to die. She lied down in the water happy to know she saved the ranger’s life. Lily was remembered as the Hope in Evendim and was greatly honored.

ScreenShot01946I wanted to make an outfit with the Spring Festival stuff but I never got a chance to do it until I started this blue series. It is a really pretty combination mixing the different shades of greens and blues together. The next two outfits in the series will be battle outfits.


Head: Simbelmyne Circlet (Spring Festival barter), sea  blue

Shoulders: Noriel’s Folly (Great River quest reward), sea blue

Back: Lissuin Cloak (Spring Festival barter), evendim blue

Chest: Lissuin Dress (Spring Festival barter), evendim blue

Notes: If you cannot get Noriel’s Folly there are a number of other shoulders you could use.

2 thoughts on “Lily of Hope (Blue Series) Outfit #2

  1. aw…. that’s a bittersweet story, like the flower Lily was graceful and frail, I really like her portrait in the last screenshot 🙂
    nice use of the lissuin cosmetics to represent the theme, also the circlet and shoulders match well dyed sea blue 🙂

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