Secret Night


Ok first outfit….this is called Secret Night. Inspired by the quietness of elves and how they can be hidden when they feel like it.


I designed this outfit first by trying to find something that matches the Reveller’s Gilded Tunic, but I couldn’t find anything that had that golden embroidery. As I was looking through my wardrobe I came across these shoulders and thought they would look perfect. Then the head piece just fit in perfectly.


Head: Helm of the Lady’s Secrecy (Lothlorien Barter, Burglar), black

Shoulders: Shoulders of the Lady’s Power (Lothlorien Barter, Champion), black

Cloak: Cloak of the Unwelcome Guest ( Dunland quest),black

Chest: Reveller’s Gilded Tunic and Trousers (Anniversary, Lotro Store),black

Notes: The Helm of the Lady’s Secrecy and the Shoulders of the Lady’s Power are both in Lalia’s Market as ceremonial versions. A plain black cloak ( All Outfitters) would also substitute for this one.

Welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone! I am the Lotro Designer and I am very happy to be here. Yes you’re probably thinking…oh no not another cosmetic blog. Well yes this is another cosmetic blog, but it will be awesome! I can’t wait to get started and meet you all, but first let me tell you a bit about myself.

I have been playing Lotro for about a year now. I have 12 characters on the Meneldor server; a level 85 hunter, a level 25 minstrel. a level 20 rune-keeper, and a level 18 lore-master(the others are little alts waiting to be leveled). I usually play for about 1-2 hours a day and I love to make outfits.

So that’s pretty much it. I will be posting outfits every Friday for sure and sometimes I’ll post more. Here we go…